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Comments023pages on this wiki {| class="infobox" style="width: 300px; font-size: 89%;" ! colspan="2" style="padding: 1em; color: rgb(255, 255, 255); font-size: 120%;"|Marshall Lee |- | colspan="2" style="text-align: center;"|[1] Aka as Marshall lee The Vampire King |- | style="width: 30%;"| Gender: | style="width: 70%;"| Male |- | Species: | Vamire |- | Relatives: | Still unknown |- | Age | 1000+ |- | Age Apearance | 18-21 yrs old |}

Marshal Lee is the Gender Bender of Marceine. His guitar is just an electric guitar, unlike Marceline's is and battle axe. They both have the same attidude, Likes and dislikes, and appearance. Marshal was supposed to wear a black plaid shirt, but now he is wearing a Red and black stripes/checkered plaid shirt. It appears that he has sky blue skin, but in another photo at night his skin is light green. Invite the boys to Marshall lee's cave because it's time to JAM! <link rel="stylesheet" href="" /><link rel="stylesheet" href="" />Retrieved from ""=Related Categories= Add category *Showing 0 most recent

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